Great sound powers communication and collaboration

Get an audio experience to remember. Now, tomorrow, and far into the future.

At AV-Huset, we think outside the box and deliver innovative audio solutions. We have extensive experience in every range, from high-tech concert audio to the morning briefing in the canteen. Or how about spoiling customers with relaxing music while they are shopping? Whatever the requirement, we have the solution.

Balancing aesthetics and functionality

We focus on design and naturally integrate the technology in the room. All bassreproducing devices are hidden above the ceiling, and the speakers are selected in the same soft shapes and colours as the rest of the interior, and all cables are hidden. The speakers hover freely from the columns so that the room retains its simplicity and elegance.

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Optimal audio every time

By thinking holistically from the start, you can utilise the space for different purposes – and with optimal audio every time. You can enjoy the classic tones at the afternoon ensemble and make sure messages are heard all the way to the back row at the evening lecture – without thinking about the technology.

Giving you the best user experience

Our objective is to give you a complete experience – from the initial advice, until the solution is chosen, installed, and tested.

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