A complete meeting room combines audio and video with user-friendly operation

The meeting room functionality is vital to the user experience. At AV-Huset, we have many years of experience with all types of solutions for conference and meeting rooms – large or small.

There are many options to be considered when a meeting room should be furnished and it can be difficult to navigate the extensive AV products and technology portfolio. We are ready to advise you on the best use of the room based on your needs and requirement. It might also be a good idea to let the room fulfill multiple functions and thus expand your options.

The right AV solution can, for instance, in seconds transform a large ballroom to a high-tech meeting room or a cozy environment where customers and colleagues meet for receptions and events.

Meeting room AV solutions

The technique must be invisible. Picture and sound top quality. These are often the requirements when the meeting room is being designed or renovated. At the same time it is necessary that the AV solution is simple and quick to operate. Based on your wishes and needs, we find the optimal solution – whether there is a single projector and screen for a small meeting room or a bespoke AV installation for a large meeting room.

Control systems

Operating AV equipment in meeting rooms with many different users, can often pose challenges. With a control system, you can control your AV solution with a single tap on the control panel. Everything from the projector to curtains, sound and lighting can be controlled automatically. The solutions can also be combined with the operation from an iPad. AV-Huset’s technicians will programme the equipment and ensure a simple and user-friendly operation. Learn more about control systems.

Conference solutions

With customized digital conference solutions for the efficient management of meetings. The systems can have participant registration with ID cards, automatic camera control and session management via touch screen, as well as handling interpretation function. It is also possible to make audio and visual recording during meetings and stream the sessions and presentations for the web.

With just one tap on the microphone, several things are activated in the room when the active participant will have the word. The camera is automatically directed at the active speaker and the display set to achieve optimal adjustment. The sound set specifically with appropriate setting for a particular room. The audio can be recorded and saved automatically.

Meeting management in historic surroundings

At AV-Huset, we focus on aesthetics and design. We have specialized in converting historical rooms such as city halls into high-tech conference rooms. At first glance, the technology is invisible – it is purposely concealed to maintain the historic aesthetics of the room.

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