Capture your customers' attention

Displays / digital signage is an effective way to communicate messages to customers. It creates curiosity and activates attention.

Communication via digital displays are ideal in many places -  shops, hotels, waiting rooms - only imagination sets limits to application possibilities. At the reception, the guest is welcomed and gets practical information about meetings. At the office, key figures and other relevant information is shown. Targeted messages and promotions on big screens motivate customers to buy in the store. Place the display in the window facing the high street and attract the customers even when the shop is closed.

We help you get started with digital signage

At AV-Huset, we have many years of experience with customized solutions that our programmers develop specifically for each customer.

Whether you need a single display or a large set-up with displays located in different places, which can be updated centrally with text, images, videos etc., AV-Huset will guide you through the whole process and ensure that you get a user-friendly solution that is reliable and meets your needs.

Easy to maintain content

The display is controlled by a media player, which is accessed and controlled through a web interface.  Content and layout is easily edited, AV-Huset will train you.

The screen is divided into zones that can contain anything from text, images, video, animations, HTML to a TV signal etc. The zones can be time controlled so that the desired content is displayed at the right time. The Player can also be set to turn on and off the display as required. The system is easy to use and very flexible. Thus, it is possible to start with a single small display and later expand to more displays and players, if the need arises.

You are welcome to come by and see solutions live at our showroom.

Digital signage totems

A digital signage totem is a smart and flexible solution with displays in sizes from 32” to 65”. We can customize the totem to meet your needs. You can get protection polycarbonate panel, wheels, touch screen, wireless WI-FI, webcam, amplifiers and loudspeakers and much more. The totem is available in any colour you like. You can update the content yourself.

   Learn more about digital signage totems.

We have made digital signage solutions for a large number of customers including Harboe Breweries, Ecco, The Danish Architecture Centre, Kähler Design and Copenhagen Zoo.

Do you have important messages for your customers or want to get noticed? Contact us to learn more about the digital signage options available.



Harboe Breweries
K-9 by ECCO
Kähler Design A/S
Copenhagen Zoo
Team Fog Naestved Basketball
The Museum of National History
Steel House Copenhagen
Museum of Copenhagen