The Museum of Copenhagen – which is documenting the city’s history from the 12th century to the present - has undergone a major renovation / relocation and reopened in February 2020 in a historical building right behind the City Hall in the heart of Copenhagen.


The museum is owned by the City of Copenhagen and is open all year round from 9-18.

Visit Museum of Copenhagen.


In connection with the renovation and relocation of the Copenhagen Museum, the City of Copenhagen chose AV-Huset as supplier of the AV solution for the museum.

The installation was made with a focus on reliability, durability and user-friendly operation and the AV solution was discreetly adapted to the listed building.


The order included three special AV solutions:

  • Video wall with 47” displays integrated behind mirrors in a square mirror pavilion – to get the effect that you are standing in the middle of the city square shown on the displays
  • Digital signage displays in 32:9 format showing full size portraits
  • Small LED projectors used for storytelling and illustrating fire in fire buckets


And a lot of different standard AV equipment:

  • Small cinema solution in 16:9 format with stereo sound
  • Touch screen on adjustable mobile trolley with soundbar
  • Touch screens and displays in various sizes
  • Short throw and laser projectors
  • Tab Tension motorized projector screen
  • One ear headphones, speakers, amplifiers etc.

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