Many benefits with video conferencing systems

The need for knowledge sharing and communication is increasing rapidly these years and Covid-19 has accelerated the use of video conferencing and virtual collaboration.

With video conferencing comes many benefits like faster decision-making and savings on travel costs and time. AV-Huset has since 1994 been offering consultation and supply of video conferencing systems to our customers in Denmark and abroad.

Teams and Zoom meetings

It is possible to make integration with Microsoft Teams / Zoom. There are many considerations to think about before the right choice can be made. We help you to choose the right solution based on your needs and ensure full integration of the equipment and operation. User training is part of the package when you buy video conferencing equipment from us.

Besides a lot of point to point installations, we have also been responsible for the integration between 18 conference rooms in three different countries for the African Development Bank.

Need help with video conferencing?

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360 degrees camera speakerphone integrated in table

An award-winning all-in-one web conferencing solution for the exclusive meeting room.