Steel House Copenhagen, Denmark.

Steel House Copenhagen is a luxury hostel with 253 rooms, gym, pool, café and bar in the city center of Copenhagen. The luxury hostel is part of the Arp-Hansen Hotel Group.

The Steel House hostel building was once home to the Danish Union of Metalworkers, and has now been transformed into an urban, luminous luxury hostel, with the urban rawness of its previous life having been perfectly preserved.

The hostel is inspired by New York and the setting is ‘industrial chic’. Minimal lines, design and interior features are combined with a balanced fusion of raw elements, fused with rustic interior touches and soft textures making it the perfect environment for Arthur Holm monitors and Panasonic displays to take pride of place.

AV-Huset was responsible for the full integration of AV equipment, central sound system, displays, cinema etc. with special requirements for design, reliability and user-friendly operation.