Elegant and sober signage at the Information Centre for the Monument for Denmark’s International Effort Since 1948.

The Monument for Denmark’s International Effort since 1948 is situated in the Kastellet (The Citadel): an historic pentagram shaped fortress in Copenhagen. Although no longer used as a defensive installation it is still used as an active military area that belongs to the Danish Defence Ministry and at the same time it is an historic building and a public park open during daylight hours giving visitors an insight into international missions since 1948 and the Danes deployed from the Armed Forces, the Police, the Danish Emergency Management Agency and the Tax Agency.

Photo: H. Holm

In connection with the establishment of the new information centre, the Armed Forces wanted an elegant and stylish digital solution where the audience on touch screens can find information in Danish and English about international missions in which Denmark has participated since 1948. There is a strong focus on operational reliability and user-friendly operation, as the centre is unmanned. In addition, the AV equipment match the general design of the information centre and is based on operation 16 hours a day 7 days a week.

Stylish Arthur Holm monitors are discreetly installed on the walls. Together with Arthur Holm pylons, they deliver the information.

Arthur Holm Rise glass monitors are perfect in combination with the Arthur Holm pylon which is constructed in black glass with a seamless 45° miter construction. It is elegant, interactive, compact, and easy to move around thanks to its hidden lockable wheels.

The goal is to enhance the visitor´s experience while keeping a sober and elegant style.

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Photos: H. Holm