In the 1960s, Denmark's best-kept secret was built - the Cold War bunker REGAN Vest.

The bunker was built 60 meters underground deep in the forest in Northern Jutland. The bunker facility was an underground city and was to ensure the survival of 350 key people - including the Danish government and the royal family in the event of a nuclear war. An ordinary single-family house lay in front of the bunker and hid the entrance.

The Historical Museum of Northern Jutland wants to tell the story of the family who lived in the house hiding the bunker using modern AV technology. The house was the residence of the former chief engineer.

AV-Huset has delivered and installed several AV solutions so visitors can experience the everyday life of the family in 1980.

The bunker looks almost exactly like when it was built in the 1960s. Here the visitors will get an authentic experience.

There is no public access yet, but the museum will open the nuclear-proof bunker and the chief engineer’s home to the public in 2021.