63 mio. years ago most of the Northern Europe was covered by sea and a lush coral reef grew where Faxe in Denmark is today. The coral reef was host to a variety of life like crabs, fish, sharks, and crocodiles. At Geomuseum Faxe, Denmark’s fossil coral reef is brought back to life with interactive experiences, animations, live coral reef fish and the best fossils found in the quarry a few hundred meters from the museum.

Geomuseum Faxe is part of Østsjællands Museum. The museum opened next to Faxe limestone quarry in 2009 and underwent a complete renovation in 2022 in connection with the opening of the new permanent exhibition Denmark’s Fossil Corral Reef.

The AV solution at Geomuseum Faxe

This job started with an inquiry from Østsjællands Museum for a single 98" display but ended up with delivery of several displays and sound solutions in connection with the museum's new exhibition about the fossil coral reef.

The museum wanted a modern, inviting and audience-friendly presentation of the complicated geological material with live images and sound as part of the experience.

AV-Huset was responsible for delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of the following AV solutions at Geomuseum Faxe:

Video wall with special mountings

4 pcs. 98” displays in portrait mode. 4K displays for 24/7 operation. Specially designed mountings to hold the large displays in an elegant way in front of the large glass wall.

Motion activated speakers

Speakers with PIR sensors (motion activated sensors) in all rooms. Speakers will be activated when movement is detected in the rooms.

Speakers with sound effects

To create a special atmosphere, the museum wanted sound effects in the rooms.

We created the sound of waves that washes through the rooms and creates the feeling of being by the sea.

Behind the video wall we have hidden a subwoofer to give depth to the sound of the waves in the room.

Speakers in different designs have been chosen for the individual rooms and all cables are hidden for a stylish design.

Solution with several small screens

In one of the rooms, old recordings are shown on several small screens, which are put together and form the illusion of a large screen. A specially designed frame was made for the four small screens.

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