Museums and Other Visitor Attractions

Museums and Other Visitor Attractions

Case studies – museums and other visitor attractions

Since 1990, we have supplied and installed many different AV solutions to a variety of museums, exhibitions and sports clubs. Some of our finest work is showcased in our case studies below.

The Danish Castle Center

  Upgrade of AV equipment to enhance the museum experience

Geomuseum Faxe

  Video wall displays and other AV equipment for museum

Information Centre for the Monument for Denmark’s International Effort Since 1948

  Elegant signage solution

Museum of Copenhagen

  Complete AV solution for new museum in historical building

The master machinist’s home in front of REGAN Vest bunker

  History is brought to life in house that hides nuclear bunker

The Museum of National History

  AV solution for exhibition about HRH Crown Prince Frederik’s life

Holmegaard Vaerk

  Special AV solutions for new museum of glass

Fuglsang Art Museum

  Complete AV solution in concert hall and foyer.

The Prison Museum

  AV-technology recreates life behind bars.

Copenhagen Zoo

  Reliable AV solutions in the zoo.

Team Fog Naestved Basketball

  Professional LED perimeters.

Køge Museum

  Visual high quality renderings at exhibition.

Maritime Museum of Denmark

  Displays with information about opening hours and events.