360 degrees camera speakerphone integrated in table

360 degrees camera speakerphone integrated in table

July 13, 2023

Here is a different award-winning all-in-one web conferencing solution for the exclusive meeting room. A high-performance 360-degree camera speakerphone hidden in the table when not in use.

A cooperation between Panasonic and Arthur Holm combines the award-winning web conferencing system placed in the middle of the table with an award-winning dynamic camera lift that retracts and hide camera and cable with a smooth movement under a cover plate in the table.


Award-winning web conferencing system

The Panasonic PressIT360 camera speakerphone has four integrated 360-degree cameras and seven microphones with automated, optimized focus on the person speaking. This provides a more realistic meeting feeling and remote work participants will be able to read the expressions on the office side of the room and know when to speak up.

PressIT360 won a prestigious iF Design Award 2023.


Award-winning dynamic camera lift

The dynamic camera lift DynamicCL from Arthur Holm has been designed to hide table cameras when not in use. The camera lift has integrated camera power and a USB-C or USB-A cable for the camera feed. The USB cable retracts with the camera, leaving the table free from the camera and cable. The DynamicCL has the well-known Arthur Holm build quality with a smooth and almost silent camera movement. It has a standard brushed stainless steel cover plate with an integrated touch button to control the up and down motion.

DynamicCL just won Best of Show Award at InfoComm 2023 in June in Orlando.


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