Arthur Holm wins international design award

Arthur Holm wins international design award

April 20, 2017

One of our partners – Arthur Holm – wins international design award 2017.

Manufacturers and designers from 54 countries entered a record number of more than 5,500 product innovations in the Red Dot Award Product Design 2017 and 39 experts from all over the world convened in Essen to assess each individual object live. Only designs that won over the jury with their high design quality were awarded the sough-after Red Dot. Thanks to their background, the experts assess the special intercultural aspects of design in a conscious manner, guaranteeing a judging process that yield results that determine the direction of the design strategies of manufacturers and designers across the globe.

Two Red Dot Product Design Awards went to Arthur Holm: one for the DB2 and another one to the UnderCover, in recognition to the amazing quality of the design of these two products.

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Arthur Holm’s DB2 is a new retractable monitor range that creates minimum impact on the furniture design: easy to integrate, intuitive to use and almost invisible when not in operation. Monitors are elegant, beautiful from all angles, and discreetly integrated into the meeting room table, disappearing within the desk with a harmonious silent drive. Design and functionality have been intelligently combined to create this advanced and unique monitor range.


DynamicX2 UnderCover

Arthur Holm’s DynamicX2 UnderCover is a retractable monitor, designed to cover conference systems and different connectors and engineered to be cleverly integrated into meeting and conference room furniture. Its exclusive, sleek deign allows it to be concealed into the meeting room table, ensuring a modern, streamlined look. The cover is very easy to veneer assuring a perfect integration with the furniture design.
This unique system combines both cutting edge technology and minimal design to seemingly disappear within the desk.


Arthur Holm offers a professional product range where tomorrow’s technology is shaped into valued materials with design flexibility and customisation, specially created to enhance efficacy, communication and collaboration in reception, conference and meeting areas.

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