AV-Huset is new Danish distributor of AVPro Edge

AV-Huset is new Danish distributor of AVPro Edge

April 20, 2023

AV-Huset is new distributor in Denmark of the AVPro Edge products.


AV over IP and other state of the art distribution products

AVPro Edge is a global leader in high-performance HDBaseT, HDMI video distribution products, and revolutionary AV over IP platforms.

American AVPro Edge is not yet so well known in Europe, but we especially predict their 2nd generation 1Gigabit AV over IP series MXNet to be a great success due to performance, stability of the entire system and easy deployment of the entire plug & play solution. Allowing for unlimited sources, displays, USB devices and video walls, MXNet is the perfect video distribution system.

In addition to AV over IP, AVPro Edge supplies many other state of the art products with distribution of the latest formats – end-to-end HDbaseT, 8K (the world’s first!) Matrix switcher, HDMI cables of absolute top quality specially developed for Pro AV, video wall processors etc.

A 10-year warranty is offered on all ProAV Edge products.

Part of the SDVoE Alliance

AVPro Edge is a contributing member of the SDVoE Alliance, a nonprofit consortium of technology providers collaborating to standardize the adoption of Ethernet to transport AV signals in professional AV environments.


Learn more about the AVPro Edge products

For a while we have been looking for an AV over IP solution that can meet our demands for high quality, stability, easy deployment and, not least, short delivery times. We have now found that solution and we look very much forward to the collaboration with AVPro Edge.

Learn more about AVPro Edge.

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