Catchbox – the throwable microphone

Catchbox – the throwable microphone

June 3, 2019

The throwable microphone for audience engagement

Catchbox is the world’s first soft wireless microphone that you can throw into an audience to kickstart a discussion. Catchbox improves lectures, conferences, and group work by encouraging audiences and groups to share ideas and discuss problems.


Engage Your Audience!

Getting your audiences involved can be difficult. Normal microphones are often slow and cumbersome to pass around. In addition, they can quickly kill the flow of discussion. That’s why we now introduce the Catchbox. The colorful box is intuitive to use, and having it thrown around engages audience members while breaking the ice. It gets people talking and sharing ideas, and can be used for different types of events – from large conferences to university lectures.

Ground breaking design!

The Catchbox is a combination of innovative product design and state of the art audio technology. With a microphone element suitable for professionals and the innovative AutoMute technology, Catchbox sets new standards for the audience microphone. The combination of ultra-light materials and technical fabrics create a product that is durable and easy to use. In addition, the unique locking mechanism means the covers are easy to replace and change. Catchbox comes in five basic colors: Blue, Orange, Green, White and Grey. You can also pick your own colour and apply your own logo or graphics.

Recommended audience size is up to 2,000 people. Max wireless range is 100 m.

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