Ingenious Arthur Holm Solution Helps Sharing Content

Ingenious Arthur Holm Solution Helps Sharing Content

October 14, 2016

The main objective of almost every meeting is to share knowledge between people. Reliable technology plays a crucial role.

DynamicShare is a system that allows users in a meeting room to share content on individual devices such as laptops and tablets among each other without the need of technical knowledge and assistance.

It is a software free and wireless free share system that provides a high level of security. The meeting or conference table can stand alone, without the need to integrate external devices.

DynamicShare is a solution to optimise the cabling and the installation inside a conference or meeting table, allowing the signal to be distributed and shared through an HDMI loop that also embeds the control protocols of the monitors.

Available in 3 versions

DynamicShare standard for the signal distribution, selection and control, DynamicLoop for the signal distribution only, and DynamicShare stand-alone is a device for third party monitors and video display solutions.

DynamicShare is an ingenious solution that helps sharing content and fostering collaboration among conference attendees in an easy, engaging, costeffective and secure way.

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