Mirror Head Revolutionizes Dynamic Projection

Mirror Head Revolutionizes Dynamic Projection

October 14, 2016

The Mirror Head by Dynamic Projection Institute revolutionizes the dynamic projection.

It is a modern high-tech mirror that is digitally operated and is used as an add-on feature for projectors. It can be set to move either rapidly or slowly to project pictures, videos and texts onto any imaginable surface. Projections can be moved around from one surface to another or remain statically projected onto one specific surface.

Mirror, swivel head and projector. The Mirror Head is the heart of your device. It ensures that the defined point in room/area is projected at the right time with the right image. It provides for the movement of the projection in the room/area: Every place is accessible and playable at almost any speed.

The Mirror Head fits on almost any projector

Through its high level of performance, the entire system guarantees highly accurate positioning. It is important to note that the Mirror Head is extendable to almost any projector and there are no limitations with regard to the type of customer or industry.

Learn more about the mirror head:

Watch the paintings in an art gallery come to life. Did you see the video that is going viral on social media?

Contact us for more information about the mirror head – phone +45 5577 4030 or email info@av-huset.dk.


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