New 8K Testing and Troubleshooting Generator and Analyzer Kit

New 8K Testing and Troubleshooting Generator and Analyzer Kit

August 18, 2023

System hiccups? The 8K Fox & Hound by Murideo / AV Pro is a new, all-inclusive generator and analyzer kit for use by AV integrators to determine why the audio-video signals fail to reach the intended endpoints. With 40Gbps bandwidth capabilities, each unit hosts a unique set of test tools for thorough system signal flow generation and analysis.


Built as the ideal testing unit for AV integrators

The 8K Fox & Hound kit is an easy-to-use troubleshooting solution and quickly tracks the origin of any conceivable in-field issue and short of device failure, leads you on the path to resolution. Simply put: If not in your tool kit, the 8K Fox & Hound should be on your wish list.


How it works

Substitute the generator for a source device while also connecting the analyzer to the signal path leading into the display. The units will send and collect data that travels through system infrastructure. The Fox & Hound generator can send a pattern duplicating source resolution from 720p up to 8K. If the endpoint fails to display the sent signal, move the analyzer back through the device chain sequentially, until the chokepoint is discovered. With guesswork eliminated, time spent is specifically devoted to the solution, with verification in minutes.

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