New adjustable monitor for conference room table

New adjustable monitor for conference room table

January 22, 2024

State-of-the-art monitor manufacturer Arthur Holm now presents a new innovative monitor for the conference room table – DB3. The monitors are designed so that their position can be adjusted by each participant seated around the conference table. When not in use, the monitors are elegantly hidden in the conference room table.

Better ergonomic solution for participants

The monitor emerges vertically from the table’s surface and slides smoothly towards the user, who can stop the movement and fix the position at the desired angle ensuring an ergonomic position of the monitor. The movement is harmonious and silent.

The style is simple, elegant, and timeless. The materials used for the creation of this retractable monitor are sustainable (aluminum and glass) and the 21.5” LCD industrial display panel comes with a long life. The electronics are energy efficient, and the AHlink app provides comfortable and intuitive adjustment during integration, and as well as throughout the life of the monitor. The monitor provides 2/DVI HDCP compliant inputs, and the movements can be locally controlled by capacitive touch buttons integrated on the screen’s front glass, by RS-422 or via the wireless app: AHlink.

Experience the new DB3 monitor at ISE 2024

You can experience the new DB3 monitor live on 30 January – 2 February at ISE 2024 in Barcelona, Arthur Holm booth 3P100.

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