New Xtreme Outdoor Display

New Xtreme Outdoor Display

October 12, 2018

The Ultimate Fully Sealed, IP68 Rated Outdoor Display

There has never been an outdoor daylight readable display built to withstand the harsh outdoor elements like the Peerless-AV Xtreme High Bright. With unmatched capabilities, Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Displays are the perfect digital signage or entertainment solution for any professional application. Offering top-of-the-line outdoor video quality, along with the durability & longevity. Available in 43″, 49″ and 55″ (65″ coming soon).

Weatherproof Technology

Fully sealed, maintenance-free with no fans, vents or filters, & fully protects against water, dust, moisture & insects.

Best-In-Industry Temperature Range

With an operating temperature range of -35°C to 60°C the Xtreme High Bright Display is designed to thrive outside year-round.

High Bright Output

The Xtreme High Bright line of commercial displays offer 2500nits of light output to combat high ambient lighting conditions.

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