Panasonic Introduces Most Sustainable Projector to Date

Panasonic Introduces Most Sustainable Projector to Date

May 1, 2024

Panasonic is launching its most sustainable LCD projector yet, the MZ882 series. This series combines high brightness with enhanced efficiency, while including recycled components focused on durability and cost performance. Panasonic is committed to making all Panasonic’s products as sustainable as possible, and this new projector series is another important step in that journey.

The series includes three models with brightness up to 8,200 lm, making them ideal in education and workspaces that aim to merge visual quality with sustainability.

Recycled Materials and Components

The MZ882 series stands out by including recycled materials—10% of the main projector unit is made from recycled plastics, and many of its components are recyclable. This approach helps minimize waste by also reducing the amount of packaging and related accessories. Designed to conserve energy, these projectors not only cut costs but also decrease CO2 emissions, benefiting the environment significantly.

The MZ882 is part of Panasonic’s long-term goal to enhance the sustainability of all their products. By switching to this model, businesses and organizations can reduce their energy consumption, waste, and carbon footprint.

Eco-Conscious Design

Equipped with advanced features, the projector enhances image quality while lowering energy use. For example, it offers brightness up to 8,200 lm, an intelligent auto power-on function starting projection upon signal detection to prevent unnecessary operation, and an ECO filter that can be washed and reused twice, with maintenance of the light source and filter maintenance recommended at 20,000 hours.

Revitalize Sustainablilty and Image Quality in Workplace

With optimal brightness and colour balance, the MZ882 series delivers sharp, clear, dimensional visuals even in well-lit spaces. Technologies such as Dynamic Contrast and Detail Clarity Processor 4 enhance contrast and the sense of clarity.

The MZ882 series also features elements that make the workday easier, such as quiet 27 dB operation that limits distractions and support for widescreen 21:9 aspect ratios, ideal for conferencing layouts or to display documents side-by-side. Additionally, the series offers six different lenses for flexible projection to suit any layout.

Learn More About Panasonic’s Most Sustainable LCD Projector

This projector series will be available from Q2 2024, making it an attractive solution for any business or organization looking to combine excellent image quality with increased environmental responsibility.

Find out more about Panasonic’s new PT-MZ882 projector series.

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