Panasonic PressIT360 is now Microsoft Teams certified

Panasonic PressIT360 is now Microsoft Teams certified

March 18, 2024

PressIT360 is the all-in-one web conferencing system with high-performance 360-degree camera, mic and speakers, supporting a hybrid working environment that connects online with offline.

Connect the cable to the PC and start the meeting immediately

Just bring the 360-degree camera speakerphone into the conference room, connect to a PC using USB-C and start web conference immediately. The all-in-one web conferencing system is now optimized for the web conferencing system Microsoft Teams.

Elevate communication during web conferencing

PressIT360 is certified for Microsoft Teams, a collaboration platform offered by Microsoft Coprporation. The optimal image and sound quality that naturally conveys the atmosphere of the conference room will elevate communication during web conferencing.

Download newest firmware

Download the newest PressIT360 firmware.

Read more about the 360-degree camera speakerphone.

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