Projectors paint Michelangelo with light

Projectors paint Michelangelo with light

June 25, 2018

Live theatrical performance and intangible magic of special effects

Panasonic’s audiovisual technology has recreated the magnificence of the Sistine Chapel for a new immersive, multi-sensory stage-show at the Auditorium Conciliazione of Rome.


‘Guidizo Universale. Michelangelo and the secrets of the Sistine Chapel’ uses 30 professional laser projectors to transport the audience into the middle of the Sistine Chapel for a virtual experience of unprecedented cultural value. The art show combines live theatrical performance and the intangible magic of special effects through use of the latest AV technology, to recount a previously untold story through words and images. Panasonic Visual System Solutions is the technical sponsor for the art show, produced by Artainment Worldwide Shows, with scientific advice from the Vatican Museums.

270° projection

The immersive experience has been divided into five sectors – two lateral walls, with 8 x 31,000 lumen PT-RZ31K; the vaulted ceiling is fitted with 6 x 20,000 lumen PT-RZ21K and 2 x PT-RZ31K; the proscenium hosts 4 x PT-RZ31K; the front gauze with 4 x PT-RZ31K; and finally, 2 x 12,000 lumen PT-RZ12K for mapping Michelangelo’s David onto the stage, and 4 x PT-RZ21K projectors with EL-D75LE95 short throw lenses for projecting vertically onto the stage from above.

Daniele Parazzoli, MD of Event Management, explained, “We chose Panasonic because as a brand it has a reputation for reliability in laser, DLP technology. In representing the frescos of the Sistine Chapel, the aim was to ensure a result equivalent to the original – the chromatic consistency and the contrast ratio of Panasonic’s projectors were determining factors in achieving the objective.”

The creator of the show is Marco Balich, artistic director and producer of the Olympic Ceremonies for Turin in 2006 and Rio in 2016, who declared, “Without access to the very latest technology, we could never have succeeded in giving concrete expression to our vision, using immersive 270° projection to engage new generations and enrich their knowledge with the artistic masterpieces from the past.”

Marco continues, “It was essential for us to be able to rely on multi-level technology. Above all, it had to meet, and if possible exceed, our expectations in terms of image quality and brightness. Secondary to this, it was vital in terms of reliability to have easy to use solutions, so we could concentrate on the production of content which would produce the ‘wow’ effect, which is exactly what Panasonic has given us.”

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