Room booking and digital signage combined

Room booking and digital signage combined

November 14, 2019

Take control of your meeting spaces with OneLan’s new meeting room signage solution Reserva Edge.

Reserva Edge is the market leading digital meeting room sign and a comprehensive communications platform providing the latest room booking functionality as well as unique digital signage capability.

Use your meeting spaces more efficiently

By using the compact interactive meeting room signs, you can use your meeting spaces more efficiently. 

Reserva Edge is an intuitive meeting room signage solution which can be used in corporate, education and hospitality industries. Reserva supports integration with market leading calendar systems.

Reserva room signs show the current status of a meeting room along with information about current and upcoming meetings. Meetings can easily be booked, extended/shortened and cancelled from the interactive touchscreen. Check in functionality also helps manage ‘no show’ and improve workspace utilisation.

Reserva can be installed as a standalone system with no big upfront costs. 

You can add your own logo to the display and choose the colors your room signs use to indicate free or busy etc.

Unique digital signage capability

You can also use the room signs as a communications platform and show a range of other content on the signs. This allows room signs to be used for employee communications, brand reinforcement and advertisement.

Learn more about the new Reserva Edge meeting room signage solution.


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