Make history come alive

Today people are chasing experiences. Posters and dusty display cases can no longer attract visitors to museums and exhibitions.

An innovative AV solution can capture the attention of your audience and give them a better experience. Technology can make history come alive and is very effective in helping to tell a story. Invite the visitor to interact with the ideas and exhibits, technology can make that happen.

Possibilities are almost unlimited

Based on your desires in terms of design and functionality we create the right solution for your project. It could be a touch screen, an interactive projection, lighting or sound effects. The possibilities are almost unlimited!

Creative use of AV technology wins award

Together with Kvorning Design & Communication we have developed the AV solution for the Prison Museum in Horsens, Denmark. The museum brings the history of inmates and prison guards to life through interactive effects created by modern AV equipment.

AV-Huset and Kvorning Design won an InAVation Award as Best Visitor Attraction at the 2016 InAVation Awards in Amsterdam for brilliant storytelling and creative use of AV equipment in the prision museum. The Horsens Prison Museum has won several other international awards.

AV solutions for museums and exhibitions

We are equipping museums, sports arenas and visitor attractions with the latest audio visual technology:

Customised solutions to meet your needs

We are passionate about creating innovative AV solutions. Talk to us about the many technological opportunities and we will find the right solution for your project.

Some of our finest work is showcased in our case studies below.

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