Our Vision

At AV-Huset, we have a clear ambition to maintain innovation and development so that we can continue being a unique AV company. Our vision is to deliver user-friendly and high-quality AV solutions with attention to aesthetics and design, at the industry’s best value for money.

We will develop a strong AV-Huset brand and increase market awareness of the company beyond the borders of Denmark. We will challenge and further develop our customers’ ideas and set new standards for communication.

Our Values

Our values are equal to the DNA of AV-Huset. They serve as a guideline for how the behavior of all employees should be. In addition to common sense, ethics, and morals, we work with values such as respect, passion, and quality. We have a common understanding of what it is we want to achieve and how we want to do it. In this way, everyone in the company can work in the same direction towards a common goal and it is clear to our customers what AV-Huset stands for.

Also read about our social responsibility and participation in the UN Global Compact initiative.