Standard terms and conditions of sale

(Translation from Danish – the Danish version prevails)

  • Rates are valid 30 days from date unless otherwise stated.
  • All prices are quoted in DKK excl. VAT. Terms of payment: Net cash unless otherwise stated in the quote. Terms of payment account customers: 15 days net, unless another agreement exists.
  • AV-HUSET A/S reserves the right to regulate any price with documented price increases on components included in the order, exchange rate changes that affect the purchase prices, and changes in shipping prices. Regulation takes place in relation to current conditions at the time of the offer in relation to the specific expenses at the time of purchase.
  • AV-HUSET A/S reserves the right for billing on account on part-deliveries and special orders.
  • Lease rates are calculated over a period of 48 months with monthly payment, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Orders will include shipping & handling costs.
  • AV-HUSET A/S maintains the ownership of the goods sold until the entire purchase price including interest and costs are paid.
  • Products are supplied in standard design and standard color unless otherwise agreed.
  • Clients / contractors have full responsibility for materials supplied on / brought to the work place. Which is why AV-HUSET A/S recommends builder / supplier, to have the necessary insurance in case of fire, storm, theft and malicious damage. This also applies before handing over the business.
  • Reservations are hereby made for product changes and discontinued models.
  • Installation rates do not include establishment of internal cable paths/ and power supply unless otherwise stated.
  • Installation rates are quoted under the condition that the premises are accessible for installation and that work can be performed smoothly and continuously on weekdays between the hours. 8:00 am and 4.00 pm.
  • Construction work is not included unless otherwise is stated. (E.g., design changes / enhancements for suspension of products, etc.).
  • Returns are accepted only by prior arrangement. AV-HUSET A/S reserves the right to charge minus 15% of the selling price.
  • Force majeure. Should delivery be prevented due to force majeure AV-HUSET A/S shall be relieved of any liability, and AV-HUSET A/S reserves the right to fully or partially cancel the agreement or to defer delivery of the of the obstacle causing delay apart from a contractual delivery period. Force majeure includes for instance labor disputes, war or military call, blockade, cordon, political unrest, government intervention of any kind, lack of driving means or circumstances, moreover, outside the AV-HUSET A/S control and affecting AV-HUSET A/S ability to meet its delivery commitments.
  • In case of missing items in the goods delivered, AV-HUSET A/S reserves the right to re-supply, even if the delivery time may be exceeded.
  • In cases of omissions or delay, AV-HUSET A/S shall not be liable for consequential damages, e.g. operating loss, lack of profit, delay from other suppliers.
  • In installation cases AV-HUSET A/S reserves the right to remedy defects within a reasonable time.
  • Claims are set at a maximum of the products price. Product liability claims are maximized to DKK 10 million.
  • Should installation be cancelled/postponed less than 14 working days prior to the agreed execution, AV-HUSET A/S reserves the right to invoice 100 % of the installation price as an additional charge, in case the technicians cannot be used optimally for other work. Invoicing does not require any documentation from AV-HUSET A/S.
  • Any legal dispute in connection with the purchase agreement shall be settled according to Danish law. The Court of Næstved is agreed as venue for possible legal disputes between AV-HUSET A/S and buyer.

Download PDF: Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale