Our Vision

At AV-Huset, we have a clear ambition to maintain innovation and development so that we can continue being a unique AV- company. Our vision is to deliver user-friendly and high quality AV solutions with attention to aesthetics and design, at the industry's best value for money.

We will develop a strong AV-Huset brand and increase market awareness of the company beyond Denmark.

We will challenge and further develop our customers' ideas and set new standards for communication.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policies

We are conscious of the social responsibility we bear towards a wide range of stakeholders. Thus, we wish to conduct business in a proper and decent way during our interaction with the surrounding community by demonstrating care for people and the environment.

We have, therefore, developed a CSR policy, whereby we take into account human rights, social and working conditions as well as the environment at large. See our Corporate Social Responsibility Policies.

You can read more about our environmental actions: AV-Huset Environmental Policies. Under We Support you can also see, which organizations and associations AV-Huset supports.

A responsible company

In line with our CSR policy, we joined the UN Global Compact in 2015. This means we are committed, as a company, to adapt our operations and strategies to the ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor rights, environmental principles and anti-corruption.

The company compiles and submits an annual report to the UN with highlights of the above issues.

      You can read our latest report (COP 2019) to the UN here.

UN Global Compact

The UN Global Compact is the world's largest initiative for corporate social responsibility. The Global Compact initiative provides guidance on how companies can contribute to solving social and environmental challenges of globalization.

     UN Global Compact.