One room for various activities

Many educational institutions that want to gather all activities like sports, singing and theater in one place use the multipurpose type rooms.

We have since 1990 supplied various AV solutions to these halls, where we get everything from digitally controlled lighting to projection and sound system to work together. The same solutions can be used separately if the user just need to use one feature e.g. just watch a movie. In collaboration with architects and engineers, we subtly integrate the solution into the building without removing focus from architecture and aesthetics. At the same time, we ensure that the solutions are easy to use for everyone despite the many technical components.

When space is limited

Do you have limited space but want the ability to use it for different activities? So let us help you with a multi-purpose room.

Contact us to learn more about the options available with a multi-purpose room.



Svend Gonge School
Herlufsholm Boarding School
Greve Gymnasium
Vordingborg Gymnasium
Vordingborg Fri Fagskole